whistful vista

not looking the way it should

I'm early middle age. It kills me to say that, but it's true. I've been married just over 12 years. I have 2 boys, ages 10 & 6. One has a difficult and complicated form of autism, the other has a sense of humor 20 years older than he is. Both are smart. One needs to learn how to use it, the other needs to learn to control it. My husband and I are each Scottish and English on our dad's sides, and scandinavian on our mother's sides.
I am the youngest of seven and as close in age to my oldest nephews as I am to my youngest brothers. We are a close family and my siblings and their kids are some of my best friends. We get together for holidays like Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, Pioneer Day (sate holiday). We play games or sit and talk. We used to go on a family camp-out wiht all my sibs and their kids. Now we just do the picnic up the canyon.
I was athletic in my youth. Now I suck at the sports I like, and I get tired too fast. That's what happens when you let your body get old.
My husband is my best friend. We just like being together. We enjoy the same things. We don't understand people who don't want to spend time with their spouse.
My other best friend is Dan. Before we married (not each other) we had grand adventures. Going camping and forgetting the tent poles; Grand Canyon in winter and turning on the air conditioner instead of the heater while we went to dinner, ot return to a room colder than the north rim; many things that need more detail than I can give here and now.
I work in a cabinet shop. I like my job, but get frustrated with aspects of it and with co-workers. I'm human.
I live in an old home we are retro-modeling. We want to remodel in a style reminiscent of the original, but not true-to-form restoration. Kind of like what the modern-deco of the 80's was to art-deco.
Pretty boring. What can I say. I'm a bit of a nerd, with an odd sense of humor and bizzare taste. Almost text-book eclectic.