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kids' movies [Oct. 25th, 2009|11:53 pm]
We saw G Force Saturday at the dollar theater with the boys. It was Disney. We thought it would be ok, since it was animated and we thought Pixar might have a hand in it. Wrong! It was not Pixar.
It was a cute movie. However, I get really tired of toilet humor. Especially in kids' movies. I know everyone thinks it's ok. But I was raised that certain things are not appropriate humor. Some things are crude. Honestly, some things are crude. I have to think about my ASD boy. For him, if it's ok in a movie, it's ok with his buddies, and at school, and in front of his grandma, and at church. He can't compartmentalize. And really, he shouldn't have to. I shouldn't have to sit in a children's movie and tell my kids, "that's inappropriate", "we don't agree with that" "that sort of behavior is unacceptable" "we don't act/talk like that". I have to do enough of that in the real world. Kids' entertainment should be safe.
My kids will see what we watch on our tv and tell us "that's inappropriate", but when they see it on Disney, or Cartoon, or Nick, and I tell them it's inappropriate, the tell me it's ok because it's on Disney (or Nick or Cartoon, etc). It makes the battle to raise decent kids even more difficult.
My kids can wear heavy metal T-shirts, and listen to gangsta rap at school, but they can't wear a T-shirt proclaiming they are a child of God, because I guess if they wear a T-shirt, they aren't expressing free speech. They are establishing a state religion.
What is this world coming to? I was born 40 years too late!