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Riley's having a hard time with my mom's death. Our cat, Liam, died… - whistful vista [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Jul. 3rd, 2009|09:42 pm]
Riley's having a hard time with my mom's death. Our cat, Liam, died around Thanksgiving, and our cat, Katy, is a princess and doesn't give loves the way Liam did. Riley stopped singing and reading, saying he did that when Liam was alive and he just can't do it anymore. So today we got 2 kittens. Katy is not happy. Bo-bo (big siamese we inherited) doesn't get it yet (not the brightest star in the constellation...doesn't know how to ask for loves or to purr) and the dog thinks the "babies" are his birthday present. (today is the dog's b-day, and the anniversary of finding Liam).
To add to the mayhem, it's our weekend for Chance, and Bruce decided to get him this afternoon, instead of tonight. All day I've been telling boys to keep kittens in their room, or stay with them so they don't pee on the carpet, and I have to keep telling Chance that they're babies and he needs to treat them like it. (he says they are cats, not babies, so we have to explain how they are tiny, and scared, and need to be loved, made safe, and NOT be hurt....it's a constant mantra today)
Riley says the kittens are his joy, and now he can sing and read again. Doodles is just upset that he didn't get to name them, since they were his b-day present.